Last-Minute Decorating Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Give your home a quick overhaul for Valentine’s Day with these ideas:

1. Garden Roses

Bring in some fresh-cut roses from your garden and place them wherever you can fancy. In vases, in collected large shells, in teacups, hang on the door in heart-shaped paper pockets, float some in a glass bowl on the table.

2. Candles

Light some candles. They need not be heart-shaped or red or pink. Any candles will do. Cluster some on a side table, place some on the dining table, arrange a candlescape on the mantel.

3. Hearts

A quick trip to the nearby store is all that is needed to get some stuffed hearts. Every store is full of them. String them with satin ribbon to make door and drawer hangers. You can also hang them on any houseplants that you have. Place some in the hands of all soft toys that you have.

4. Photos

Take out the best photos of you two together, put them in frames and arrange them on the mantel or any other place. Place a bunch of roses alongside.

5. Reds and Pinks

Take a look in your linen closet. You are sure to have something in either of these colors. Give your room an uplift for the day by using red or pink colored bedsheets, sofa back covers, table covers, curtains etc.

6. Quick Valentine’s Day Wreath

Bring out from the attic the boxes containing your Christmas tinsel and take out the red and the white ones. Wrap them over any wreath base, bend coat hanger or a cardboard circle and tape the ends. Glue or tape some stuffed hearts or a small teddy bear for embellishments.