Winter Lunch Essentials

As the weather gets colder, you and your family are probably getting a little tired of lunch staples like salad and sandwiches. Whether you’re packing lunch yourself or the kids, these healthy winter lunch ideas are sure to satisfy.

Winter Lunch Essentials

Stuffed Peppers

In the wintertime, a little spice can go a long way in helping you warm up. If your family is comfortable eating foods with a bit of kick, try packing stuffed red or green bell peppers for lunch. For stuffing options, the sky is the limit. Ground beef spiced with taco seasoning is a classic favorite, but you can lighten this meal by opting for lean turkey meat instead.

Classic Chicken Noodle Soup

On frigid days, nothing warms you up like a piping hot bowl of chicken noodle soup. If you’re sending the kids to school with a lunch box, they probably won’t have access to a microwave. If this is the case, make sure to pick up a high-quality thermos so their cup of soup will stay warm until it’s lunchtime. If you’re packing the soup for yourself, browse the selection of Lunch Bags for Women from Arctic Zone to ensure that your lunch bag is up to the task of keeping your food well insulated.


When it comes to making wraps, you can let your creativity run wild to come up a variety of delicious combinations. If you’re interested in sticking to healthy choices, a turkey, cream cheese, and red pepper wrap on whole grain pita bread is an excellent choice. For “cheat days,” parents and kids alike enjoy a sausage wrap on a tortilla.

Hot Tea

On icy days, it’s comforting to have a warm drink to sip on throughout the day and to warm your hands with. For children, consider packing a piping hot thermos of chamomile or chai, as these types of teas are low in caffeine but still just as soothing. For your own mid-day pick-me-up, green or black tea has a slightly higher amount of caffeine that’s perfect for helping you power through the day.

Vegetable Soup

During the winter, there’s nothing like a good soup to satisfy your cravings for something warm and filling. For winter days when you’re seeking a classic comfort food, vegetable soup is ideal for each member of the family. The recipe is up to you— if you enjoy a tomato-based soup, minestrone might be the perfect choice, or you can choose to get creative and explore your own recipes. If you’d like to use veggies that are in season, butternut squash should be plentiful and inexpensive during the fall and winter months.

Lightened Up Pasta Dishes

Are you craving a warm pasta dish without the extra fat and calories? If so, satisfy your craving by using whole wheat pasta and cutting out excess butter and cheese. Whole wheat penne pasta pairs beautifully with a light tomato sauce and topped with veggies like spinach, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes. If the thought of pasta without a serving of cheese isn’t appealing, opt for smaller portions of low-fat cheese like mozzarella.