Unbirthday Party Family Re-union Idea

A reunion with a birthday party theme is a great way to celebrate. Celebrate everyone’s birthday with this fun theme for a Family Re-Union.


Send out Birthday invitations to family members to get them excited about the reunion. Use birthday cake or balloons clipart or stickers to add appeal.


You can hold the party anywhere you would usually have a birthday party. Think about your family and try to choose a place that would appeal to the most people. If your own backyard would accommodate, it will b an ideal place.


Balloons and streamers are birthday party decoration staples. So use them anywhere you can. A ‘Happy Birthday’ banner can be hung from tree branches or poles or wherever you can find place for it.


What else would you have at a birthday party but cake and ice cream? If you have a large family you may want to ask a few people to bring their favorite cake. Add some more finger foods for more interest.


Play traditional party games like pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs and have a piƱata. You can also get a clown or some other entertainer to come. Ask everyone to bring a gift and have a gift exchange.