Games the Whole Family Can Play

Family gatherings are a fun time no matter what the occasion. Whether you are having your relatives to join you or you are simply spending a cozy weekend together, these games will ensure you spend lots of fun time with your family.

Picture Telephone

To play this game each family member will need a pencil and a piece of paper. Everyone starts by writing down a statement at the top of the paper. It can be anything such as a line from a nursery rhyme or a statement about something that happened that day. Then everyone passes their paper to the left. The next person reads the statement and then must draw a picture of the statement. Then everyone folds their paper so that you can only see the picture and everyone passes to the left. Continue doing this until the entire paper is full. At the end everyone will have a fun time reading the funny statements and seeing the pictures.

In the Manner of the Adverb

Choose a person to leave the room for a few moments. While that person is gone the rest of the group decides what adverb (which is any verb ending in –ly; i.e. helpfully, peacefully, happily etc.) they want the person to guess. Then they have the person come back into the room. That person then gets to pick someone from the group. They will then say “Act out ________ in the manner of the adverb.” In the blank, they get to pick any action such as going to the store, eating breakfast or driving a car. The person then acts it out trying to get the person to figure out the adverb. The person gets three tries to try and guess what the adverb is.

Clue Charades

Three people need to leave the room to start the game. Those who are left behind pick the three items for a clue scenario. For example they need to decide where the murder took place, who committed the murder, and with what object. The who, what and where can be anything from the common to the weird depending on how hard you want the game to be. Then one of the three people are asked to come back. That person can then ask anyone in the group to act out any of the items. For example, they could ask the person “Where was the murder committed?” That person then has to act it out. The other person is trying to figure out where it is, but can’t tell everyone else or get confirmation that they are right. They then ask a different person to act out who committed the murder. Again they can’t say who they think it is or get confirmation on if they are right or not. Finally they ask one more person to act out what object was used to commit the murder. When the first person is done they ask the second person who left the room to come in. When they come in the first person acts out all three for them, but no one can give any confirmation whether they are right or wrong. The third person then comes out and the second person acts out all three for the third person. Then to end the game the three guessers must tell everyone who, what and where. It is funny to see what people come up with.