Christmas Dinner Trends in the UK

It’s Christmas dinner time and the roast meal is ready. The family crowds around the table in expectation and the lid is lifted – revealing a tray of nut cutlets.

If this sounds like your idea of total disappointment then you might be surprised to know that more than a third of the UK are open to a vegetarian Christmas in 2016, and in the East of England that rises to 42.3%. However, don’t expect to pop around to Newcastle or Sunderland for your veggie-based meal – 78.6% of those in the North-East demand meat in their meal.

The results were revealed in an infographic compiled by which looked at the overall trends of Christmas dinners; what we eat, where we eat, our tipple of choice, and even our preferred choices when preparing sprouts and potatoes. Take a look below to see where you fit in.

Christmas Dinners in the UK
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