A Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two

Valentine’s Day seems to inspire people to cook something. This is probably because one of the top things to do with your date on Valentine’s Day is to have a nice, romantic dinner but restaurants are jam-packed on this night and you may want all the other people and noise. So, you decide to cook your date a nice dinner at home. Even if the last time you cooked was last Valentine’s Day, there are many easy things that you can cook that will be extremely tasty and romantic.

A Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner for Two

Keep it Simple

The first thing to keep in mind is to try not to get too fancy, even if you are a gourmet cook. The evening will be special because it only includes the two of you, and you don’t need things that are extremely foreign set on the table. Keeping it simple and fun will allow the two of you to focus on each other, rather than how one goes about eating artichokes, still in the shell, gracefully.

Finger Foods

Fun finger foods are great to serve as a romantic dinner for two. Fondue can be very tasty and can be served as a cheese entrée or as a chocolate dessert. Use bite-sized pieces of bread for a cheese fondue and bite-sized pieces of fruit when using fruit. Using the fingers can be very playful and sensual and it will make the evening all that much more fun and romantic.


Of course when planning a Valentine’s Day romantic dinner for two, people always want to aphrodisiacs. These foods include oysters, chocolate, asparagus, fennel, almonds, avocados, basil, aniseed, carrots, and figs. A great way to incorporate some of these items into a meal is by serving oysters on the half shell as an appetizer. Then serve a salad as a side dish and include avocados, almonds, carrots, and figs placed in some leafy greens. Instead of using something plain such as iceberg lettuce, use a spring mix instead; which has spinach and other light leaves instead of bulky lettuce.

Keep it Light

You also want to remember to keep the main dish light. You want to be able to enjoy each other’s company after so serving a roast or steaks may make you sleepy and give that “too full” feeling afterward. Chicken or salmon is a nice alternative and can be super easy to prepare. To make, simply place the meat inside a casserole dish and pour your favourite marinade over top. For chicken, it may be a zingy lemon marinade and for salmon, maybe a dill with butter marinade. Place the casserole dish in the refrigerator for a few hours and when you’re ready to cook, simply place it in the oven.

Order In

If you don’t want to cook at all, you can still have a romantic dinner for two at home. Simply call a catering service and arrange for them to drop off the dinner, or you can pick it up, before your date arrives. Take everything out of their boxes and place it in nice serving dishes. This isn’t to trick your date, you can even tell him that it’s catered food, it’s just that actual dishware is so much nicer to look at than take-out boxes.