What’s the importance of human growth hormone in men?

Human growth hormones, also referred to as “HGH,” control lots of important bodily functions.

What's the importance of human growth hormone in men?

They’re responsible for:

  • regenerating new cells everywhere in the body
  • supplying minerals to bones to keep them strong
  • monitoring glucose buildup in the liver
  • helping to digest carbohydrates, proteins, fats and protein to help maintain a healthy body weight
  • giving people a better workout by increasing lean-muscle mass
  • growing and healing all of the major healthy human tissues, organs and the brain

That’s why supplementing HGH for adult men is so critical to supporting their overall health. For these reasons, deficiencies in HGH lead to decreased muscle mass, fatigue, high levels of cholesterol, lowering of bone density and unhealthy weight gain. HGH regulates all of these activities and more.

Where is the source of HGH production in men?

The natural source of all HGH for men is inside the pituitary gland within the brain. The body releases it steadily at high levels until most men are about 25 years old. Then after that, the body begins to slow down its production of HGH gradually over time.

After the pituitary gland secretes HGH, it stays in the blood stream for a few minutes only. That’s because its purpose is only to trigger the liver to transform it into other growth factors that the body needs.

Why does growth hormone decline with age?

Even if a man’s HGH hormone levels do not drop, their hormone receptors will gradually get less sensitive to the HGH they still have. Lowered melatonin levels from not getting enough sunlight also contributes to disturbing men’s sleep cycles. That kind of disruption speeds up the aging process and blocks the body’s ability to make and process HGH properly.

Another thing that makes hormone receptors less sensitive to the HGH they have is prolonged exposure to that hormone. That means that abnormally high HGH levels in men is also a bad thing in the long run because they’ll develop a kind of “tolerance” that makes the HGH less effective. A similar problem happens when men have excessively high insulin concentrations or luteinizing hormones.

These are the average HGH levels in men:

Before young men reach age 30, they typically have the highest levels of HGH that they’ll ever have in their lives, which is 500 to 1000 ng/ml, or nanograms per milliliter. Then after the age of 30, HGH declines at a steady rate of about 10 to 15 percent every 10 years.

Here’s a quick summary of the average HGH levels according to age:

  • Levels of HGH for men over 30 years old are around 700 ng/ml.
  • Levels of HGH for men over 40 years old are about 400 ng/ml.
  • Levels of HGH for men over 50 years old are around 200 ng/ml.
  • Levels of HGH for men over 60 years old are around 100 ng/ml.

How can men deal with HGH deficiency?

HGH deficiency is no small matter. Symptoms of it include high cholesterol that leads to heart problems. Doctors may need to take a CT scan, MRI or bone-density scan to examine the condition of both the brain and bones, which suffer most from HGH deficiency.

HGH therapy for men often includes eating a carefully balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting more, better-quality sleep. All of these treatment aspects are important to help build up the energy and strength lost by HGH deficiency.

Doctors must prescribe HGH for adult men who need it in the forms of either Humatrope or Genotropin that can be found at Nexel Medical. Patients receive it from an endocrinologist in the form of shots several times weekly. Many wonder, “Does HGH work for men who take it in the form of injections?” It works for most men, but it’s not great for everyone. Always consult a qualified doctor before taking any HGH hormone supplements. Some men can have adverse effects if they are susceptible to cancer and other health conditions.

Here are all of the benefits men can get from HGH therapy:


  1. HGH benefits for men include the ability to train harder and develop more muscle mass. HGH does this by helping the muscles and tendons absorb collagen better. As a result, men get greater stamina, healthier overall body composition and improved thermoregulation.


  1. HGH therapy speeds up the healing of bone fractures because it helps people digest more minerals. It also makes all of the body’s bones stronger by regenerating bone tissue for higher overall bone density.


  1. HGH accelerates weight loss. When obese patients eat a calorie-restricted diet while taking additional HGH, they lose weight faster and increase their own natural growth-hormone secretion.


  1. HGH boosts the male reproductive system. It has become a proven treatment to help cure male impotence.


  1. HGH is necessary to help people get a restful night of sleep, and also, lack of sleep will disrupt the delicate HGH balance. Lack of sleep greatly decreases the amount of HGH that the body can produce. When someone loses sleep for 24 or even up to 36 hours, then pituitary glands began behaving differently and stop releasing HGH. In days afterward, the HGH-release patterns become completely random and upset sleep cycles

Can men increase HGH naturally?

It is true that both men and women can boost their body’s natural production of HGH without having to take additional HGH hormones.

Those who exercise with high-intensity interval training methods for a minimum of 10 minutes produce more HGH. They also feel better, and their general health improves.

Taking L-glutamine supplements increases HGH levels in men and women too. The men who take L-glutamine for eight weeks during a resistance-training program have greater muscle strength, higher testosterone levels and more HGH in their bodies.

A liver cleanse also increases HGH levels naturally. Anyone with poor liver function, a fatty liver or cirrhosis cannot use HGH at its full potential. That’s because HGH needs the liver to manufacture IGF-1 to improve muscle mass and give more energy. If the liver is in poor health, then the extra HGH will just go to waste.

Eating more foods high in vitamin C helps the body to increase its HGH production naturally too.