Patient-Centered Healthcare and Why It Is Good

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries. The healthcare landscape is also changing for the better, especially with schools and universities such as the University of Arizona adding new courses and improving their RN to BSN programs. The biggest shift of them all, however, is the shift towards patient-centered healthcare.

Healthcare institutions are no longer purely focusing on diseases and illness. Instead, they pay close attention to patients’ individual needs and provide the best care possible for each situation. Thanks to technologies such as digital imaging and EMR, it is now possible for healthcare providers and professionals to provide personalized care and effective treatments, even when dealing with chronic conditions.Nursing professionals and other parts of the healthcare industry are taking steps in the right direction too.

You can learn more about how the industry is shifting – and how the changes are benefiting you as a patient – from the Dissecting Patient-Centered Care infographic from the University of Arizona.

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