Small Changes Anyone Can Make to Get a Better Quality of Sleep

Do you feel as if you need a better quality of sleep? Do you wake up in the morning, unable to remove yourself from your comfortable bed? If so, it sounds as if you need a little help. This post will help you to make small changes, which should result in a better nights sleep for just about anybody. Here we go…

Small Changes Anyone Can Make to Get a Better Quality of Sleep

Remove Electricals from the Bedroom

TV’s, radios, and other electricals that stimulate your brain are not suitable for the bedroom. Many people have a TV in the bedroom, but watching this before bed makes it very difficult to get to sleep. The only thing you should have next to your bed is a book for some nighttime reading. Reading is probably the only thing that will actually make you tired! If you have a Kindle, turn the brightness down so your brain knows it’s night time.

Exercise in the Day

A sufficient amount of exercise in the day can help us to feel more tired come bedtime. However, you shouldn’t exercise too close to bedtime as it actually stimulates the brain.

Try Some Bedtime Tea and Supplements

Bedtime tea doesn’t taste like much, but it can really help to conk you out as soon as your head hits the pillow. It definitely makes me more tired – but whether that’s a placebo effect I don’t know. Either way, you should try it!

Certain supplements can help too. For example, Melatonin for sleep helps our bodies to get tired naturally, as they should when it begins to get dark.

sleep benefitsTake Time to Relax Before Bed

Take an hour or two to simply relax before bed. Try not to watch too much television, and simply read a book, have a bath, or something else that allows you to switch off.

Avoid Heavy Meals Before Bed

A heavy meal before bed will fill us with energy that we don’t need! Not only will this make it harder for us to sleep, but it’ll create a layer of fat on our tummies too as it hasn’t been burned off.

Write a To-do List

Some nights, my head swims with the things I need to do the next day. Write a to do list so everything you need to do is out of your head and down on paper. This always helps me to relax!

Use an App

There are even apps out there these days that can help with sleep! I have one myself, ‘Sleep Cycle’. I put this app on before I go to sleep, and it monitors my sleep through the night to give me an idea of how I slept in the morning. I also set an alarm, and it wakes me up within a half hour window of that alarm at my lightest point of sleep, so it’s easier for me to get up. I highly recommend it!

The above changes are only small, but should all help you to get a much better quality of sleep. Good luck!