Four Common Myths About Women And Fitness

People who are fit are great to look at. Just see what they can do and what you cannot. Most people get envious and start thinking of the same thing – they plan to work out. Working out is not bad; in fact, it is key to getting fit and getting in shape. Still, people keep on hearing things that prevent them from being the best they can be. Here are some of those myths, and this article will make sure that they are debunked to get you working out again.

Four Common Myths About Women And Fitness

If I work out, I’ll get a ripped body and I don’t want that

Okay, this is one of the myths that are harder to explain, so it shall be discussed first. First off, women do not have as much testosterone as men do. Testosterone is important if you want to look anywhere as bulky as Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Rock, or The Ultimate Warrior. For women, estrogen is more valiant and prevalent in their system. You can only bulk up to and have as much muscle if you try using anabolic steroids from anabolic steroids supplier, or any other supplier. So, if you’re not taking any of those things, do not expect to look like any male professional wrestler anytime soon.

Working out permits me to eat everything and anything

This is a dangerous myth. It is true that you’ll need energy to work out and, to get that energy, you’ll need to eat. However, remember that there is a calorie intake limit. If you eat more than what you should, you end up having more calories. These excess calories can be stored as fat if not burnt. Working out burns it off; however, there still is the risk of other inclusions in the food. This includes the different cholesterol levels, sugar, harmful chemicals, and many others that may seem harmless when you chew and bite. Be careful with what you eat and stay under your calorie limits!

You can reduce the fat on specific body parts

This cannot happen in real life. There are specific kinds of exercises that claim they “can reduce fat on specific” body parts; however, what they do is strengthen them. If you want to slim down, it must happen holistically. It cannot happen one part at a time. You can make yourself “look” slimmer by making that part of your body gain more muscle.

Nothing is happening with my workouts and exercises

Well, if you are taking in too much food, then yes; however, if you are doing your best to make the workouts seem like everything has been done, then celebrate! It may not show that you are losing weight on the scale, but inside your body, that fat is being converted into muscle. When it is converted into muscle, it takes up less space, as muscles are denser than fat. That is why some women aim to gain muscle instead of less fat because that way, they not only lose fat, they also make themselves stronger.