Connecting Growth Hormone Deficiency and Infertility Treatment

In resolving both female and male infertility issues, solutions have not always been easy to uncover for the portion of the medical research community dedicated to helping men and women with reproductive challenges.

 Connecting Growth Hormone Deficiency and Infertility Treatment

However, in studies that have been focused on connecting growth hormone deficiency and infertility treatment, researchers have compiled some very encouraging results based on the adult male and female subjects they followed that point to HGH therapy as an infertility aid.

The clinical studies that have given so many people renewed hope for conceiving and bearing their own biological offspring found that growth hormone (GH) expression, meaning the body’s ability to produce an adequate supply of this versatile component, plays a critical role in male fertility and sperm production.

Researchers noted that supplementing a male’s low growth hormone levels can specifically have an advantageous affect the volume and motility of the semen that he produces; they also found that it can even enhance the performance of particular IVF treatments.

By making this vital connection between growth hormone deficiency and infertility treatment , the medical researchers who have conducted, and continue to conduct, studies on resolving issues related to human infertility are shining yet another bright light on how unexpectedly beneficial the use of human growth hormone (HGH) therapy can be.

While HGH therapy providers in the US have been aware for decades of how advantageous to the extended vitality of their adult patients it is when their insufficient GH levels have been restored, exciting new uses such as the ones illustrated by these studies on infertility are continually emerging. Where might it next lead us?

Treating Growth Hormone Deficiency and Infertility in Adults

In the female subjects of the infertility trials, the link between growth hormone deficiency and fertility treatment showed up in the notable improvements in their pregnancy rate. Reproductive endocrinologists now know that the introduction of additional GH can aid in ovarian stimulation as well as improve follicle growth.

Yet there is still much that researchers are determined to learn about potential that biosynthetic HGH therapy holds for adults with medical problems caused by GH deficiency. What appears to be a common denominator with this disorder across-the-board is its power to reduce the quality of life for its sufferers.

More than million US females and their partners are currently affected by infertility, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. It is very likely that even more US adults than that are currently being affected by other types of disruptive health issues that can all directly arise from not producing enough growth hormone during adulthood.

At National HRT the endocrine disorders that we specialize in treating are adult-onset growth hormone and testosterone deficiency, which is why these recent findings on growth hormone deficiency and infertility treatment of such interest to us – and to a number of our patients as well.

While many of our patients already have children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren of their own, don’t most of us know of someone who has had their life satisfaction diminished or affected in some other profound way by their ongoing struggles with infertility?

Medical developments that affect some of us ultimately affect all of us; and this is why National HRT is always so supportive of any and all of the new research developments relating to human growth hormone replacement therapy that are appearing on the horizon.

The Cost of Growth Hormone Deficiency and Infertility Treatments

Wasting one’s money or wasting any of the resources that people rely on to sustain their lifestyles is extremely shortsighted and thus not very smart. So National HRT totally understands why people often have a variety of questions about the costs associated with things such as having growth hormone deficiency and infertility treatments.

We never shy away from the questions that people have relating to the cost of treatment for growth hormone deficiency, whether that treatment is associated with infertility issues or with other health concerns – which is the case in the majority of our patients. The majority of the patients we have historically provided treatment for are adults who have developed a clinically significant level of deficiency at some point after their thirtieth birthdays and are seeking symptom relief.

They are also seeking to ensure that their current state of hormone deficiency doesn’t lead to an increased susceptibility to much more severe health issues later in their lives, things like developing heart disease or diabetes; the cost of their treatment is important to them but it is not their primary concern.

However, as research studies continue to produce breakthroughs like making the connection between growth hormone deficiency and infertility treatment, we will undoubtedly become increasing involved in prescribing treatments programs that are to be used in conjunction with other therapies – the benefits of co-therapy, as this is called, are also extremely interesting to researchers and physicians who are constantly looking for new advantages to pass along to medical patients.

To discuss the specific cost of treatment for your growth hormone deficiency, it is always best to call National HRT and speak directly with one of our clinical advisors for all the details.

Our Medical Expertise: Treating Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency and Low T

At National HRT, we already have a depth of experience in co-therapy because we are specialists in prescribing treatment for adults that are affected by GH deficiency and Low T (testosterone deficiency); many of our patients are found to be affected by both of these disorders simultaneously.

So when we become aware of new co-therapy developments, such as combining treatment for growth hormone deficiency and infertility treatment, we are more than interested in learning more on behalf of our patients – we are fully engaged in staying abreast of the latest clinical results and research breakthroughs.

This is the same way that we became leaders in the field of HGH and testosterone replacement therapy programs for adult patients in the US over the age of 30. We have always been at the forefront of delivering the health enhancing benefits of hormone replacement therapy to US patients and it is due to our professional consistency and diligence in providing medical programs of excellence to our hormone therapy patients.

Whether it involves growth hormone deficiency and infertility treatment for a male or female, or co-therapy for Low T and low GH levels, National HRT makes it our practice to treat every patient individually and compassionately based on each person’s particular therapeutic requirements and personal physiological factors.