8 Things You Can Do to Wake Up Happy

We’ve all had mornings where we wake up tired, groggy, unhappy and dreading the day ahead. Sometimes, it’s more than an occasional occurrence; it’s how you wake up every day. There are a few simple things you can do to change this because there is nothing better than waking up refreshed, happy and eager to start your day.

8 Things You Can Do to Wake Up Happy
8 Things You Can Do to Wake Up Happy

Keep a Routine

Routines aren’t just important for children. As adults, your body comes to expect certain things. Going to bed and getting up at the same time every day can help you sleep better, by getting your body, and mind, used to the routine. You’ll find it much easier to fall asleep and to wake up.

Get a New Mattress

Depending on your mattress, they normally need changing every 5-10 years. An old, or uncomfortable mattress, can mean you wake up tired, and achy, which is no way to start your day. For a truly well rested night, invest in a memory foam mattress.

Let Light In

Instead of relying on an alarm clock to wake you, why not let the sun? For a much gentler and relaxing wake-up, sleep with your curtains partially open, and let natural sunlight wake you up. If this isn’t possible, consider a Lumie bodyclock starter, which is designed to wake you slowly.


Performing a few simple stretches, or even a basic yoga routine, first thing in the morning, can help open up your muscles. This will help to improve your posture, increase your blood flow, and help you to feel more energetic all day long.

Prepare Before Bed

To make your morning less stressful, prepare the night before. Get your clothes out, set the breakfast table and make sure you know what you need to do the next morning. Make any decisions, such as how you are getting to work or what you are taking for lunch before you go to bed, so you aren’t under any pressure in the morning and can relax into your day.

Go to Bed Happy

Going to bed happy is the best way to ensure you wake up happy. Never go to bed straight after an argument, or with something on your mind. Talk things through, sort any issues or make a plan, before you even go into the bedroom. While in some cases this might mean a later bedtime and less sleep, it will be worth it for that one day to wake up stress-free.

Have a Morning Treat

A cup of coffee or glass of juice is a great way to give yourself a little morning boost. Alternatively, knowing you can have your favourite breakfast can make getting out of bed a little easier

Brush Your Teeth

Brush your teeth as soon as you get up. Even before your stretches. This will help you feel alert and fresh, as well as getting rid of any bacteria build up from the night.

Remember, it’s always easier to get up if you’ve had a great night’s sleep. So, make sure you eat a healthy, balanced diet, drink plenty of water, reduce your stress levels, and cut caffeine after 4pm.