Popular Game Reserves In Europe

Europe has some of the most fabulous national parks in the world. Areas where the flora, fauna and scenery have captivated visitors for ages. Most these areas have plant, animal and bird species that can rival the best parks in Africa. There are unique animals, some of which you can no longer find anywhere else in the world.  Hotels in the most popular game reserves in Europe have also offer five star…even six star accommodation and service. We have selected five of the best resorts to enjoy European wildlife and listed them below along with a short description. So, consider saving up for a trip. Or try win a top jackpot playing online casino games at casino usa to fund the trip. Either way just make an effort to visit these awesome destinations.

Popular Game Reserves In Europe
Saxon Switzerland National Park

Best Game Reserves In Europe

  1. Plitvice Lakes in Croatia  – Arguably the most scenic game reserve in Europe. The park owes its landscape to unique land forming processes. These have led to the creation of amazing natural water features.
  2. Saxon Switzerland National Park – Located in the German part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The Park in the German Free State of Saxony is a favourite destination for tourists coming to Europe.
  3. Wild Taiga in Finland -The park is World renowned for its extensive list of wild animal species. Even some of the rarest species in the world can be found here.
  4. Ecrins National Park – is a French national park located in the The park was given the title of “European Park of the mountain” by the Council of Europe. This is because of it includes a large part of Massif des Ecrins.
  5. Durmitor in Montenegro –This park is home to the canyon of Tara. It also has the most significant part of the Dinara Mountains. The altitude differences in the park allow for large diversity in plants and animals.

If you can, take time out to enjoy the beauty that the European outdoors has to offer. There are scenic landscapes that you will not find anywhere else in the World.