Why Hawaii Is The Best Holiday Destination This Year

Hawaii is a dream holiday destination for many people. The islands have an amazing mix of things to do, excellent weather during the summer and luxurious hotels to spend the week in. Hawaiian holidays don’t come cheap but there are ways you can save money on your holiday, choosing Heathrow airport parking is just one of them. Here’s why you should head to Hawaii this year instead of anywhere else in the world.

Why Hawaii Is The Best Holiday Destination This Year

The Culture

The relaxed Hawaiian lifestyle is a draw for thousands of tourists each year. In comparison to the rest of the USA, Hawaii has a very unique and distinct culture. Tourists can immerse themselves in this culture by taking Hula dancing lessons, going surfing and trying the local produce at a farmer’s market. Connect with the locals, try traditional dishes, such as laulau and poi, and attend a hula festival. Hawaiian food is incredible, you will find a mix of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino dishes on the menu across Hawaii is as well as traditional dishes.

The Beaches

Across Hawaii there are over 400 beaches, which are all public beaches. So, whether you’re on your honeymoon, travelling with friends or on a family holiday there is a beach for you. Visitors are spoilt for choice, with white sand beaches, black sand beaches and even red sand beaches! If you’re interested in water sports or going swimming, there are a number of life guard protected beaches to keep you safe. You might even spot turtles while you’re swimming the clear seas.

The Landscapes

Each Hawaiian island is unique, so you’ll be able to find something to suit the type of holiday you’re looking for. Formed by volcanic activity, each island has stunning mountainous landscapes and dense forest, as well as gorgeous sandy beaches. Kaua’i is the place to be if you’re interested in jungle treks, mountain hikes and sheer sea cliffs, while Oahu is home to the famous North Shore, a top destination for surfers. Hawaii Island, fondly known as Big Island, has incredible waterfalls and a growing nightlife.

Adventure Activities

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, Hawaii is jam-packed full of adventure activities to try. Zipline through the forest, take a mountain biking tour along the cliffs, horseback ride across the beaches or have surfing lessons in some of the best surfing destinations in the world.  SCUBA divers will find that there’s no shortage of excellent diving sites around the island.


Hawaii is known for being the ultimate destination for relaxation and luxury. There are a huge range of 5-star hotels and resorts across the islands, if you’re looking to go all out. Some resorts even have their own beaches and lagoons! If you’re visiting Hawaii on a budget, why not book a herbal massage? Traditional healing has been part of Hawaiian culture throughout time. These days, there are still many traditional Hawaiian herbalists who are practicing their services as massage therapists. Visit a local practitioner for an authentic experience, instead of a tourist spa.