Five Things to Remember For Your Winter Holiday

As lovely as it is to relax under the sun for hours on end, winter breaks can be just an exciting! Don’t be that person who realises the night before their holiday that they’ve forgotten some crucial items to pack. Whether you decide to travel around Europe or the US this winter, get the insurance for your visit. It’s easy to forget your EHIC card since there are a lot of things to consider when planning a holiday abroad – visit to secure yours now. Take into account these five things to take with you on your winter holiday, you’ll thank us later.

Five Things to Remember For Your Winter Holiday

A waterproof backpack

When travelling, you’re bound to carry valuable items you don’t want to get wet with you including your passport and camera. To keep these items safe from the elements, the best way to enjoy yourself without having to worry is to get a waterproof backpack. Not only are backpacks great to explore with your hands free, they’re great to protect your travel items too! If rain is forecast, remember to pack an umbrella to keep dry.

Touch screen gloves

Touch screen gloves are a life saviour on a winter holiday. You won’t have to reluctantly take your gloves off the next time you want to use your phone; touch screen gloves allow you to enjoy the warmth and your mobile device at the same time!

A torch

Since it gets darker during winter quicker than in the summer, you should have a torch handy just in case you get caught out and end up staying out later than you had planned. Although your mobile phone is already likely to be equipped with a torch, you don’t want to risk it running out of battery in an unknown environment or worse – being stolen, lost or damaged.

Sensible shoes

Avoid sliding down the street and invest in sensible footwear before you go. Make sure you buy shoes with a good grip and are designed to keep your feet warm in even the coldest temperatures. Avoid shoes, pack boots! To save space in your suitcase, wear them to and from the airport. That way, not only do you have room to pack an additional sweater but also are ready to go when you touch down at your destination.

Warm clothes

If you’re going on a winter holiday, you’re going to need winter appropriate clothes! It’s best to layer up and take a coat to keep you warm as well as a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the UV rays because yes – it still can be sunny in the winter months! Replace three to four tops with two sweaters and make sure you travel in one too to keep you warm when you arrive. Remember to pack lightweight yet warm socks to keep your feet dry as well as a pair of thermal leggings as well as one long-sleeved thermal top with you to regulate your body temperature. Make sure you take a long a pair of basic black trousers since they can be paired with any outfit and match with a basic t-shirt for a casual-chic look or decorative top at dinner.

Remember to relax and avoid getting overwhelmed before you embark on your journey. The winter season is the perfect time to spend valuable time with your friends and family with room for lots of fun, excitement and happiness. Make the most of the cold weather by remembering to pack our five suggestions above to avoid shivering and wishing you had.