Valentine Flower Pots

You Will Need:

Small clay flower pots red spray paint white craft paint (Apple Barrel) foam flower balls cut in half Spanish moss craft sticks green pipe cleaners green felt red round lace doily white

heart lace doily small wallet photo of child


Paint inside and outside of pots with red with spray paint. Will probably take several coats. (Works best with a coat of clear underneath.) Glue white heart doily in center of red round doily. When dry, glue picture in center of the heart. Cut out leaves in green felt, two for each flower pot. Hot glue two pipe cleaners to craft stick, leaving 1/4 inch uncovered at each end. Cut 2 pipe cleaners1/3 inch shorter than leaves and hot glue to underside of leaf to shape leaf later. Paint fingertips of child with white acrylic paint and have child place “fingerprints” randomly around the painted flower pot. CAREFUL NOT TO SMUDGE PRINTS. Set aside to dry.


Cut foam balls in half and place in pot, cut side down. Wedge ball deeply into pot. Hot glue doily flower to one end of craft stick, then hot glue both leaves, spacing appropriately. When “flower” is dry, stick in foam ball and cover stick and hole with hot glue. Top foam ball with Spanish Moss.