Thanksgiving Décor: Make your own Garland

Making a garland is a time-consuming task, but when you are finished you will have a custom made garland that matches your other Thanksgiving décor perfectly.

Thanksgiving Décor DIY Project: Make your own Garland

What you will need:

1. Rope
2. Fake autumn leaves
3. Needle
4. Fishing Line
5. Fake berries
6. Clear pony beads
7. Wire
8. Measuring tape


1. Measure where you want to put your garland.
2. Cut the rope to be about ten inches longer than is needed. This allows you to let the garland droop and curve.
3. Cut the fishing line to be twice as long as the rope.
4. Put the fishing line through the eye of the needle.
5. Begin stringing the leaves and beads onto the fishing line. The beads are needed to create some space between the leaves. So you will start with a leaf then add a bead, then another leaf, then another bead and so on. This step will take some time.
6. When you have finished stringing the leaves and beads you can start creating your garland. Take one end of your rope and use the needle to attach and tie the end of the fishing line to it.
7. Begin carefully wrapping the strung leaves and beads around the rope. You will want them to be close enough that you can’t see the rope underneath the leaves.
8. Every once in a while, use the wire to secure the fishing line to the rope; this is done by sliding the wire through one of the pony beads and then wrapping it around the rope.
9. When you have reach the end of the rope use the needle and fishing line to attach it to the end. This is done by putting the needle through the last leaf and through the rope then tying a couple o knots to secure it.
10. Now lay out your garland next to your measuring tape. Find the middle of the garland and mark it by twisting wire around the rope and then creating a loop (the loop is for hanging the garland).
11. Gather a couple of bunches of berries. Form the bunch by using the wire to keep them together. Repeat this step so that you have two bunches.
12. Attach the berry bunches to the garland with wire so that the berries are pointing opposite directions.
13. In the center of the berries, a bow, or other fun item such as a small fake pumpkin can be added.
14. Now look at your garland. Are there any spots where you can see the rope? In these spots you can add individual leaves with the needle and fishing line.
15. Use the wire to put hanging loops on either end of the garland.
16. Now you can hang or place your garland wherever you would like.

Leaves are not the only option when making a garland. You could make the garland from dried herbs, or autumn flowers, petals, or colorful beads and ribbon.