Thanksgiving Craft: Easy To Make Thanksgiving Leaf Wreath

This wreath is perfect for adding a little bit of contemporary flair to your front door. It is also inexpensive to make because you can use an old frame that has had the glass broken, or you can get a cheap frame from a dollar store.

What You Will Need

  • 1. A frame with the glass taken out
  • 2. Brown paint
  • 3. White paint
  • 4. Fake autumn leaves
  • 5. Paintbrush
  • 6. Hot glue gun
  • 7. Extra hot glue gun sticks
  • 8. Fake red berry branches
  • 9. Wooden acorn
  • 10. Fishing line
  • 11. Newspaper


1. Put the newspaper down on the area where you will be working. This will help keep the paint and glue from getting everywhere.

2. If your frame is not already brown paint the sides of the frame with the brown paint. This is to help keep the color tones consistent.

3. While you are waiting for the frame to dry, paint the bottom part of the acorn brown.

4. Mix the brown paint with a little bit of white paint to create a lighter shade of brown for the acorn top.

5. Paint the acorn top.

6. Set the acorn aside to dry.

7. When the frame is dry, begin hot gluing leaves to the frame. You will want to alternate the directions the leaves face, and try not to put the same type of leaves right next to each other.

8. When you have covered the entire frame, set the frame aside so that the glue can dry.

9. Cut small bunches of berries; it looks best to have an odd number grouping such as five, seven, or nine berries.

10. Glue the berry bunches to the bottom of the wreath leaving a gap between the tow groups for the acorn.

11. Glue the acorn in between the berry bunches.

12. Tie the fishing line onto the top of the frame so that a loop is created for hanging the wreath on the door. If your frame already has a hook for hanging, this step can be skipped.


Other variations can be done to create a unique wreath. A bow can be added under the acorn in a complementing autumn color. Or, the berries and acorn can be left off, and a different thanksgiving ornament such as a small bunch of dried and bound wheat or a mini cornucopia can be hung from the top so that it looks as if it is being framed by the wreath. There is also the option of using other autumn items to glue on in place of the leaves, such as corn husks, dried lavender or other flowers, miniature fake pumpkins, apples or other gourds and squashes, dried wheat, or dried cattails. The frame can also be hung in different directions. It can be hung from the corner. Putting a small bow in the corner it is hanging from will help it look as if it should be this way. This orientation looks especially good with square frames. The wreath can also be hung so that the long edge of the rectangle is parallel to the ground. This looks especially good if the ornament you want the wreath to frame is relatively wide.