Scarecrow Wall Decoration- Fall Crafts


Two straw hats – 16 inch and 12 inch Raffia Felt Pipe cleaner Ribbon Tacky craft glue or hot glue


1.Cut the 12″ hat in half.

2.You need a small pkg. of colored raffia (if available). Spread out and place on the crown of the 16″ hat. This is representing the hair on his/her head.

3.Glue raffia in place with thick designer tacky or hot glue whichever is available to you.

4.Now place glue on the cut edge of the 12″ hat and place atop hair and against brim of 16″ hat.

5.Cut triangles out of felt for eyes and nose. Place on crown forming face.

6.Use a black pipe cleaner for his mouth. Bend pipe cleaner so it looks like this – /////. Glue to crown.

7.Make a bow for neck area (under crown) and glue in place.

8. Put fall leaves on top of his hat to also give some color.