Puppet Theatre, Kids Craft

Your kids can have fun by also creating a puppet theatre.

You will need:

a large box markers and crayons a flashlight


Take apart the large box, and cut it open along one of the corners. Then cut a hole in one of the sides. It can stand up but using the lids as a base. Kids can decorate the puppet theatre with markers and crayons. Give them a flashlight for a spotlight. Let your kids come up with their own plot for a story.

A Thanksgiving Puppet Theatre:

Let your kids come up with their own plot for the Thanksgiving story. Often Thanksgiving day means that Mom spends a lot of time in the kitchen and the kids get restless. Have them put together all the stuff for the puppet theatre a couple days before Thanksgiving, but have them wait until Thanksgiving day to play with it. They will have fun for hours and after Thanksgiving Dinner they may just want to give a performance.


Directions for making Wooden Turkey and Pilgrim Puppets

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