Pressed Flower Bookmark – DIY Fall Crafts


Clear adhesive sheet (like Mactac) dried flowers leaves buds (see how-to below) construction paper card stock poster board if desired


1. Pick flowers that are fairly thin (no thick portions).

2. Place inside a telephone book for a couple of weeks until the flowers are dry enough to work with.

3. Use caution when picking up the dried flowers as they tend to be brittle.

4. You can either cut two strips of adhesive sheet (approximately 4cm. by 15cm) or one piece of paper and one of adhesive.

5. Place adhesive (sticky side up) or paper (right side up) on the table.

6. Arrange the flowers to your liking.

7. Cover with the clear adhesive to seal the floral arrangement in place.

Note: Sticking the flower using glue will ruin the pages of the books where the bookmark will be placed. Sealing the flower inside the adhesive sheet, is hence, the best possible solution and has no alternatives.