‘Let It Snow’ CD Ornament: Christmas Ornament Crafts

Turn old CD’s into Christmas Tree Ornaments! Ideas for 3 different CD ornaments.

'Let It Snow' CD Ornament

This fun Christmas project is perfect for the kids and adults alike. You can have kids follow these directions exactly to create the ornaments pictured here, or you can provide them with a lot of construction paper and glue and let their imaginations take over.

What you will need:

• Construction paper in dark blue, and white
• Silver corrugated paper
• Gold glitter
• Leaf stickers or four dried leaves
• Hole punch
• Gingham green scrapbooking paper
• Snowflake patterned scrapbooking paper
• Snowflake Confetti
• Fishing Line
• Letter stickers or letter stamps
• Exacto Knife
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Glue Stick
• Old CD’s or CD’s mailed to you as promotions
• Christmas time magazines/catalogs


1. Turn the snowflake scrapbooking paper over so that you are looking at the back.

2. Put the CD on the paper and trace around the outside and inside circle of the CD with the pencil.

3. Cut out the circle with scissors.

4. Use the exacto knife to cut out the inside circle.

5. Glue the paper onto the side of the CD that has a label.

6. On the white paper trace the inside circle from the CD.

7. Now draw another circle around this one that is about an inch wide.

8. Cut out this circle as you did with the snowflake paper.

9. Using sticker letters or letter stamps put “Let it Snow!” on the white paper.

10. Glue the white paper on top of the snowflake paper.

11. Put fishing line through the hole of the CD.

12. Tie a knot at the very top of the CD with the fishing line.

13. Move up the fishing line about 3 inches and tie another knot. This will be the loop to hang the ornament with.

14. Cut a piece of fishing line about four inches long.

15. Tie one of the pieces of snowflake confetti to the end of the fishing line.

16. Tie the other end to the fishing line that is already tied to the CD.

17. Repeat this process twice only with slightly longer or shorter pieces of fishing line.

18. Now you have finished the ornament.

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