How to make a Bingo Machine

DIY Bingo Machine InstructionsThe tradition of bingo stretches back many years. In that time, the game has evolved from a simple game played at home, to a highly advanced game which is played in large bingo halls. Online bingo is also increasingly popular since you can play at any time.

However bingo is still a fun-to-play at home game for family and friends and with this easy step by step guide, you can easily make your own bespoke bingo machine for many an evening’s entertainment in the household.

Make your cage

The most complicated part of making a bingo machine is to make the actual machine itself. First, you will need a spherical ball of some description. A hamster ball is often sufficient and easily available, but if you want to make your own bespoke structure, papier-mâché can be a really fun way to make an interesting and unique bingo machine. If making a papier-mâché ball, use a balloon to mould the spherical shape and once the papier-mâché is set, cut thin strips in the structure so that you can see the balls rattling around the cage inside. Pierce a hole in opposite ends of the bingo cage so that an axle can be passed through the cage, around which the cage will rotate. You also need to make a hole slightly larger than your bingo balls so that the balls can fall out of the bingo machine.

Make a handle and axle

The handle and axle is easy to make. It needs to consist of a rigid rod of steel or wood with a turn crank handle attached. This can be slotted through your bingo machine. It is important that the bingo machine is fixed to the handle in order that the machine turns when the handle is turned. It is possible to do this with glue.

Build a ball receiver

The ball receiver should be attached to the hole in the bingo cage or sit underneath it to catch the balls which fall through. You can make your own bespoke designs and have one with the ball receiver. Some interesting designs make use of old bottle tops or pieces of tube so that the balls run out. You may also want to design a trap so that the balls drop through the holes when you want them to.

DIY Bingo Cage

Make a stand

One you have built your cage and attached it to an axle you will want to build a stand on which the bingo machine rotates. A good solid base of wood is important to provide a sturdy surface. Then you will need two upright columns upon which the cage can rest and spin. Using two small pieces of wood with holes cut out or a notch cut out for the axle can be very effective.

Get playing

Once you have created your bingo machine, it is time to get a set of cards, some balls and get playing! Small plastic balls can be easily found online and you can make your own cards if you prefer.

Of course, there is a large on-line community available if you don’t have the time to make your own machine – or simply want to brush up on your bingo skills. For the best online bingo visit