Great Hobby Ideas for Single Mums

Being a single mum might just be the most stressful occupation in the world, of all time. Not only are you solely in charge of the most precious yet vulnerable thing in the world to you, but you also suffer from sleeplessness, while your concentration has to be on full alert at all times when you are awake. Finding a hobby is a great way for single mums to let their hair down and take a much-needed break from the stress that comes with the gift of parenting. Here are a few fantastic ideas.



There are several advantages to gardening. Firstly, it will make your garden look more refreshing and it is a hobby you can do with your child or children. The second point is important, as often, single mothers will naturally feel reluctant to try out different hobbies if it means leaving their child with someone else. Gardening allows single mothers to continue to spend time with their kids while also relaxing and trying out something different.

Furthermore – if done correctly and with patience – gardening will give you plenty of vegetables that you will otherwise have to pay a lot more to get in shops.

You can learn how to build a raised bed or an enclosed garden. You should do your research before you find out what plants you should use based on the area in which you live.



The great thing about taking up swimming as a hobby is the stress alleviation it provides the back, particularly if done regularly. If you’re a single mum, there is a good chance that you’re suffering from back pains due to the endless amount of tasks you will likely have had to do and the lack of rest that comes with your responsibilities. Furthermore, those who have just had their child may be suffering from post pregnancy back pains. There are few other hobbies better for the back and muscle joints then swimming.

In addition to healing chronic back problems, swimming will burn body fat, leaving you looking and feeling fitter than ever.



Of the few things that are arguably better for your back and muscle joints than swimming, is pilates. A physical fitness system developed in the 20th century, pilates is a body conditioning routine designed to help build core muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance in the hips, back, legs, abdominals and arms. Improving balance and coordination, it puts emphasis on pelvic and spinal alignment.

The benefits of pilates on pelvic floor dysfunction will be of particular benefit to those mothers suffering from such a problem after pregnancy.

The relationship between body stress and mental stress is sometimes ignored, however you will feel mentally lighter as your body lightens up through pilates.

There are a number of pilates groups running throughout the country and at local gyms. The correct wear can also be acquired at, should you need a comfortable and suitable outfit.

Web Design


One of the challenges of being a single mum is generating enough money to feed both you and your kid and live comfortably. Working is of course made difficult and will most of the time come at the expense of time missed with your child, which can be painful.

Learning the craft of web design as a hobby can eventually see you raising a good bit of money, which will no doubt come in handy. In fact, if you become really good at making websites, you could even turn it into a full-time job, allowing you to have a career and work at home.

There are plenty of books, websites and YouTube tutorials that can help you learn web design.

Susan Jones is a writer in her free time and loves to dance.