Handmade Valentine Treat Box – Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Men

Handmade Valentine Treat Box - Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Idea for MenWant to give an extra special treat to your sweetie this year? Try this project. Gather the following items:

Materials Needed:

White box with lid (these can be found at most craft stores for a few dollars) Cardstock paper in Valentine’s colors or patterns Scissors Glue Pencil Box Templates (these can be found online for free) Chocolates or other sweets


Print out the templates and cut them out. Trace around the templates on your papers. Cut out the boxes and fold them. Cut out enough boxes to fill your white box. You may also want to consider what you are planning on putting inside the box so that you have enough boxes in the right sizes.

Next you will want to decorate the outside of your box. There are numerous items available that would be fun to use for decorating, but a few cut out hearts would also work well.

Now you will want to fill your treat box. Here are a few suggestions:

• Think of something that your significant other really enjoys and put those in the little boxes. For example my husband loves different kinds of fudge so I went to a candy store and got very small amounts of all different kinds of fudge and put them in the small boxes.

• You could also write small love notes and put them in with the treats.

• Favorite candy bars in bite sizes are just perfect for this as well.

• Use candy hearts that have sayings on them to write a love message.

• Write clues to a larger present on the inside of the boxes under the treats.