Decorating Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas Gift Basket in Sleigh shaped container
A Sleigh Shaped Basket and a Large Poinsettia gives a Festive touch.

Making your Christmas baskets is a fulfilling activity during the holidays and enables you to create personalized gifts for everyone on your list.

Decorating process for a Gift Basket starts along with assembling. To give a special ‘Christmas Touch’ to your Gift Baskets, try some of these tips:


1. You can enhance the presentation of baskets, boxes, tins, hats, etc. by first filling them with:

  1. colored cellophane “grass”
  2. crumpled tissue paper
  3. a piece of fabric (try something with a Christmas print)
  4. shredded newspaper or
  5. coloured paper straw raffia

Use all of these in Red or Green or combine either with white. They will also provide cushioning for fragile items like a bottle, jar or glass ornaments and decorations.

Goodies to add to a Christmas Gift Basket
Add the Goodies


2. Finish up by tucking in:

  1. candy canes
  2. foil wrapped chocolate Santa, snowmen or other festive shapes
  3. other foil wrapped candies
  4. small pine cones
  5. a bunch of cinnamon sticks tied with red ribbon
  6. Christmas greenery like the tips of spruce and pine branches
  7. Christmas ornaments
  8. lots of small bows
  9. mandarin oranges
  10. nuts in the shell
  11. small scented candles
  12. Christmas baked goodies (wrapped in cellophane)
  13. Gourmet gifts or Wine for adults
Festive Christmas Gift Basket
In festive colors


3. Wrapping the basket can be done in the traditional way by gathering cellophane around the basket and tying with a bright red or green bow at the top.

4. After wrapping, adorn the baskets with a sprig of holly or any other Christmas Package tie-on. If using a basket with a handle, perch a Santa, Snowman, Angel Teddy Bear, poinsettias etc. on the handle.