Christmas Crafts – Pine Cone Angel Christmas Ornament

Materials needed:

Medium sized pine cone One 1/2″ wooden bead Two silver or gold foil leaves One silver or gold pipe cleaner Acrylic paint: flesh tone, black and red (or pink) 4″ metallic ribbon or cord Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Paint the entire wooden bead with flesh tone paint. Let dry.

Paint eyes and nose on bead with black paint, paint mouth and cheeks with red paint. Let dry.

Glue wooden bead to bottom of pine cone (the wide end).

Cut the pipe cleaner to make three pieces: two 1/2″ pieces and one 2″ piece. Glue the two 1/2″ pieces to the front of the pine cone, just below the head bead. Glue so that they stick out from the cone to form arms.

Twist the 2″ piece of pipe cleaner into a circle and glue to the top of the head bead to form a halo.

The foil leaves will become wings. Glue one to each side of the pine cone so that they extend out from the cone.

Glue the cord or ribbon to the back of the cone at the top to form a hanging loop.