Christmas Crafts – Lace Angel Christmas Ornament

Materials needed:

Fabric – a gold/silver lame’ or sparkly material
Lace – white or ivory
Wired edge ribbon
Circle template
Styrofoam ball (smaller sizes) or batting
Pearl strands
Gold/silver bands or miniature wired garland
Decorative scissors
Hot glue or fabric glue


~First determine what size angel you would like to make

~With your fabric & lace together, use decorative edged scissors to cut out a round circle about 7.5 inches in diameter for a small angel, for larger size add an extra inch or two (there is no right or wrong size, this project is very flexible)

~Place your circle of material over your circle of lace and directly in the center use either some batting or a styrofoam ball for the angels head, keeping in mind, the size of the angel you are making determines the head size

~Pull the material and lace taut around the head and secure with a piece of ribbon or floral wire, trim

~For the wings – use a wired ribbon that is at least a 2 inches wide, either make a bow, trim the tails and fluff or fold the ribbon accordion style making sure to fold in a fashion that will provide each wing tip a wired edge

~Tie a ribbon at the center of the wings long enough so you can use it to hang the ornament and glue the wings to the base of the head

~For the halo – glue a gold/silver band or miniature wired garland formed in a circle to the top of the head

~Finishing touches – around the neck glue/embellish with small silk flowers & pearl strands, or whatever you like, glue or tie ribbons & bows

Have fun with this project and don’t get caught up with exact sizing, whatever you do is going to look great! This is a fun project for your kids to help with (except the hot glue) and they can give one to their special friend(s) or take to school for their teacher(s).

by Pennie Mills