Felt Christmas Ornaments – DIY Christmas Crafts

Easy to make and safe for kids around the house, felt Christmas ornaments will give your decorations a festive and homespun touch.

How to Make Felt Ornaments for Christmas

Materials needed:

  • Felt Sheets – Assorted Colors Templates (provided)
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Fluffed up cotton for stuffing
  • Decorating Material: Beads, Confetti, Flowers, Sparkle, Sequins, Ribbons, Bows, decorative buttons, embroidery etc.
  • Craft or Fabric glue
  • Free Templates:

Click on each template to enlarge and then Print.

Bell Template - Click to enlarge Sleigh Template - Click to enlarge Christmas Tree Template - Click to enlarge Flying Angel Template - Click to enlarge
Rocking Horse Template - Click to enlarge Gingerbread Man Template - Click to enlarge Snowman Template - Click to enlarge Candy Cane Template - Click to enlarge

Tip: You can use any of your gingerbread cookie cutters to make your own patterns for felt ornaments.

How to make Christmas Felt Ornaments
Christmas Tree and Star Felt Ornaments


1. Trace with the help of templates the desired design on felt paper. Alternatively, use cookie cutters of desired shapes and sizes.

2. Cut out TWO of the same shape for each ornament that you want to make. Leave some seam allowance while cutting.

3. Place the matching sides together and Top stitch the two Felt Cut-Outs together, leaving a small space to stuff with cotton. Alternatively, or rather, traditionally, you could use blanket stitch all around the cutouts using a contrasting thread color to sew them closed.

4. Lightly stuff with cotton. Use a crochet hook to push the stuffing into small areas. Stitch the opening closed.

5. To make a loop to hang the ornaments, braid 3 strands of wool (3″ approx) and sew onto the top of the stuffed ornament.

6. Use Craft glue to decorate the ornaments. You can make faces for Santa, Gingerbread Man and Snowmen with eyes, buttons etc.

Here are some more ideas to finish/embellish your felt ornaments:

Reindeer Felt Ornaments in White and Red
Reindeer Felt Ornaments in White and Red



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    Thanks for the templates! I am using them to make a 2 dimensional Christmas tree for my nieces and nephews to play with during our Family Christmas party.

  • July 21, 2013 at 10:32 pm

    How cute! I just learned how to sew, and I bet I could make these!!

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