Chick Hatching from an Egg Carton – Easter Crafts for kids

For this craft you will need:

• Cotton balls (2 per craft) • Egg carton cups (1 per craft) • Orange construction paper • Googly Eyes • Glue • Yellow food colouring • Small plastic bag

How to:

1.) The night before, place the food colouring in the plastic bag with a tiny bit of water. Place the cotton balls in the bag and squeeze the food colouring into the cotton ball so that it is entirely covered. Place the cotton balls on a piece of wax paper to dry.

2.) Cut out the egg carton cups and cut small rectangles out of the corners to make it look like an egg that is hatching.

3.) Place a small amount of glue into the bottom of the cup and place a cotton ball inside. This will be the chick’s body.

4.) Place a small amount of glue on the bottom cotton ball and place another cotton ball on top of that one.

5.) Fold the construction paper in half and cut a small triangle in the fold. This will be in the shape of a diamond when it is unfolded. This is the beak and can be glued onto the top of the chick.

6.) Glue on the googly eyes.

Now you have a chick hatching from an egg! This is a fairly simple craft and can be done by children of almost any age!