Beaded Thanksgiving Candles: Fall/Thanksgiving Craft

Sometimes just a small touch completes a look. With these seasonal candles this is the case, a few beads, some wire and some string transform them from ordinary candles into beautiful, stylish décor.

Beaded Thanksgiving Candles, Thanksgiving Decor and Craft ProjectWhat you will Need:

1. Two orange colored candles
2. Metallic beads in gold and brown
3. Stretchy beading string
4. Needle
5. Wire
6. Round maroon and orange beads
7. Scissors


1. For the first candle you will be giving it accents by making “bracelets” for the candle.

2. Use the scissors to cut a piece of stretchy beading string. Make sure it will be long enough to go around the candle, even after you tie a knot in the string, and that it will not be too long because it will not stay on the candle.

3. Thread the needle with the piece of beading string.

4. Begin putting gold beads on the string. You may want to tie a small knot in the end opposite the needle to keep the beads from falling off. When you have finished stringing the gold beads, tie the two ends together to form a bracelet. Put it on the candle near its base.

5. Repeat the previous step only this time use the brown beads.

6. Continue making candle bracelets, alternating colors, until you achieve your desired look. For the best effect you will probably need at least four bracelets.

7. For the second candle, cut a long piece of wire. Wrap it around a cooking spoon or some other item with a large handle. This will create the spiral look. String maroon and orange beads onto the ware.

8. Attach the wire together so that it forms a circle that will fit around the candle.

9. Space some of the beads for a fun look.