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Picking the Perfect Wedding Music

Picking the Perfect Wedding Music

When organizing a wedding, there are myriad things to consider. Many take months deciding on decor and foot and floral arrangements in an attempt to … [Read more...]

Unique and Beautiful Wedding Photo Ideas to Treasure Forever

Black and white Unique and Beautiful Wedding Photo Ideas to Treasure Forever

Your wedding is one of the most important and special occasions in your whole life, so it’s natural for you to want to remember it and every tiny … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why a Destination Wedding Is the Best Wedding

5 Reasons we Love Destination Weddings

Every couple wants to make their wedding one of the most special and memorable days of their lives. Weddings tend to be, by nature, joyous occasions … [Read more...]

6 Important Things Not To Forget When Planning A Wedding

6 Important Things Not To Forget When Planning A Wedding

As all married people will already know, planning a wedding can take a lot out of you. After months and months of making arrangements and spending … [Read more...]

Why Watches are Bad Luck and Other Strange Wedding Superstitions

Why Watches are Bad Luck and Other Strange Wedding Superstitions

Weddings are fraught with superstitions. From the colour of the wedding dress to the necessity of having something blue; some of these superstitions … [Read more...]

Top Things To Know About Wearing A Tux

Top Things To Know About Wearing A Tux

Dusting an old tuxedo off and donning it for a formal affair may not be the best idea.  While these suits tend to stay fairly standard in many ways, … [Read more...]

3 Top Tips for Alternative Hen Nights

3 Top Tips for Alternative Hen Nights

Most hen nights start and end with a blowout party.  There’s nothing wrong with the inaugural drink-a-thon and rudely labelled t-shirt, but there are … [Read more...]

6 Good Reasons to Choose a Platinum Designer Engagement Ring

Ritani Engagement Rings in Platinum

Proposing a lifetime commitment becomes even more beautiful, lasting and prestigious when you decide to set your precious diamonds and gemstones in … [Read more...]

Natalie Portman’s Intimate Jewish Wedding with Benjamin Millepied

'Black Swan' star Natalie Portman got married to the French dancer Benjamin Millepied on Saturday, Aug. 4 2012, in Big Sur, California in an intimate … [Read more...]

Wedding Planning – Christian Wedding Coordinators

Some people today want more to a Wedding Coordinator, so below, please find the ten reasons to hire a Christian Wedding Coordinator: Ten Reasons To … [Read more...]

Winter Weddings – Ideas, Flowers Selections and Decorations

Winter is a magical time to plan a beautiful wedding. Browse through our ideas for planning a winter wedding inspired by the season.  Winter Theme … [Read more...]

Yellow and Red Rose Wedding Bouquet with Dried Wheat – Picture Gallery of Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Open yellow and red roses with dried wheat are perfect for a Late Summer or Fall Wedding Bridal Bouquet. … [Read more...]

Winter Theme Wedding – Winter Wedding Ideas

Are you planning a winter theme wedding? Many Couples planning winter theme weddings have requested information and A-wedding Day is up for the … [Read more...]

Yellow and White Rose and Peony Wedding Bouquet – Picture Gallery of Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Yellow and white makes the most pretty and delicate color combination and this wedding bouquet is an excellent example. White peonies and off-white … [Read more...]

White and Purple Rose Wedding Bouquet – Picture Gallery of Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Open white roses and shaded soft white and purple/blue blooms keep the pristine white theme intact and add a dash of color as well . Recommended: … [Read more...]

White and Pink Rose Wedding Bouquet – Picture Gallery of Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Open roses set together in a ball shaped bouquet with a bloom or two cascading downwards will look pretty in the hands of the demure … [Read more...]

Blue and Purple Rose Wedding Bouquet – Picture Gallery of Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

A single, large, open purple rose forms the center of this exotic looking wedding bouquet. Other blue and purple fillers add to the beauty. A pretty … [Read more...]

White Daisies Wedding Bouquet

Pretty white daisies nestled among greens make lovely spring wedding bouquets and are easy on your wedding flower budget too. Recommended: Slash … [Read more...]

Wedding Themes

Three Fabulous Wedding Themes Barefoot on the beach, on horseback in the desert and underwater Easter Wedding Theme Getting married in the spring? … [Read more...]

Decorating Ideas For A Wedding Reception

What is true of nearly every wedding is the fact that the guests spend far more time at the reception than they do at the ceremony. So when it comes … [Read more...]

Wedding Speeches and Toasts

Get help with your wedding speech. We have samples, tips and funny lines to add interest to your wedding speeches. Free Wedding Toast Tips & … [Read more...]

Choosing a Wedding Location

Yes, the location of your wedding definitely has a lot of influence in the mood and theme of the wedding. Many of the popular venues have pumped up … [Read more...]

Wedding Planning Advice

The Art of Eloping Thinking of elopement? Get answers to your dilemmas. Getting Married While Expecting … [Read more...]

Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

Traditionally, the parents of the bride give the wedding and both their names appear on the wedding invitation. However, more … [Read more...]

Wedding Invitations – Wording Ideas, Cards, Do-it-yourself

Tips On Wording Your Wedding Invitation How to Make Personalized … [Read more...]

Advice for Wedding Guests

What to Wear to a Wedding  Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall and Formal Wedding Attire Etiquette Wedding Speeches and Toasts Tips on giving speeches and … [Read more...]

Special Wedding Gift Ideas

All over the world, weddings are memorable occasions not only for the bride and the groom, but also for the relatives on both the sides. Be it a … [Read more...]

Wedding Favors that Embrace Nature’s Beauty

A wedding planned in the spirit of nature provides the perfect avenue for selecting wedding favors fashioned after elegant … [Read more...]

Money Saving Tips for Wedding Flowers

a) Find out if another wedding will be held at your church or synagogue that day or the day before your wedding. If so, you can contact that bride and … [Read more...]

Wedding Decorating Ideas

Hanging Bud Vases Wedding Decoration Hang them on any place that is in need of a little something extra Floral Wedding Decorations Solve your … [Read more...]

Ideas for Sensational Wedding Centerpieces on the Cheap

Planning an event is a lot of work. Whether you are planning a wedding, an anniversary party or just a romantic dinner, your centerpiece sets the … [Read more...]

Tips to Make Your Own Wedding Centerpieces

Now that you have decided on the centerpiece, Here are a few tips to help it all come together: Make a sample centerpiece and take it to the venue … [Read more...]