Lunch Ideas For The Office When You Want Something Different

If you are like most of us, having the same old boring sandwich day after day for lunch gets old quickly. However, going out to grab a bite to eat on your lunch break may not be an option, especially if you are pressed for time or there are no restaurants close to your job. Don’t worry – there are a lot of ways you can shake up the lunch hour and break the monotony. In this article, we are going to show you a few simple ways to do just that.

Lunch Ideas For The Office When You Want Something Different

Order food online

If you are pressed for time and are working at the computer anyway, you might as well order your lunch online. A lot of places are now offering online food ordering and most of them will also deliver the orders within a certain distance. You could call ahead of time and schedule delivery for your lunch hour or even order a few days or more in advance. That way you would have a fresh new choice every day for lunch and never have to leave your office to get it.

Plan a buffet spread

This one would require the help of your co-workers, but once you let them in on the idea, we are sure they will love it. You could plan a buffet-style spread one day for lunch. All you have to do is pick a theme, plan the menu and delegate who brings what. This would be a great idea to do with sandwiches, Mexican food or even a salad bar. Everyone would get a wide choice of food options, but the costs would be kept low because everyone would be contributing.

Have a potluck lunch

This is another idea that would require the help of your co-workers – but also a super great way to spice up the lunch hour. Plan a potluck lunch and have everyone bring a covered dish. You could keep it simple and say, “Bring whatever you want” or you could assign one person a dessert, another one an entree, another a salad and so on to ensure that you get a good variety of dishes.

Splurge for catering

If you and your co-workers have a few bucks to spare, you could start a catering fund. Each week, everyone contributes a little bit to the pool and once you have enough, order a fancy catering service to come in, set up and deliver lunch for you! This can be done quite inexpensively for about $10 per person, depending on the kind of food you order.

Soup Soiree

Having a soup soiree is a great lunch idea for the office and it’s also very inexpensive. It would work the same way as the buffet-style lunch and the potluck lunches above, except everyone (or just a few people) would bring their favorite kind of soup to share. You could keep them warm in crock pots until it was time for serving. This would be the perfect cold weather lunch on those blustery winter days where no one wants to venture outdoors.