Hidden Skills You Can Gain From a Cleaning Career

If you think the skills learned from cleaning jobs will just make you a proficient cleaner around the home outside of work, think again. Working as a cleaner offers a whole host of skills – from confidently working under pressure to being an excellent team player. Building up these basic career proficiencies, will not only make you more employable but also give you more confidence and experience in the long run.

Hidden Skills You Can Gain From a Cleaning Career


Working as a cleaner requires a great deal of physical exertion, as you will be on your feet for most of the day. In order not to burn out completely you’ll need to be efficient with your cleaning routine, and maintain a good level of personal fitness.

You may also be assigned a large number of cleaning tasks in one day, meaning you’ll need to be able to work to a tight time frame to fit everything in.

Interpersonal Skills

Sometimes cleaning can involve working in a public place, where you will have to be mindful of other people going about their daily lives. Equally, if you decide to set up your own cleaning business you will need exceptional customer service and interpersonal skills in order to create a solid client base and work force.

As you are given instructions on how to use equipment and chemicals you will be improving your interpersonal skills by following instructions. And, if you have the enthusiasm to move up the rankings into a managerial position, you will gain the necessary skills in order to provide supervision, management and promote a co-operative team environment.

Adaptable to new situations

Until you turn up for the job on the day, you won’t know what sort of cleaning level is going to be required. However, it will be up to you to maintain a consistently high standard of cleaning. This will require you to make decisions on the chemicals and tools required, as well as your main areas of focus depending on the time you have been assigned.

You will also find you build up a good sense of humour while working as a cleaner. One cleaner explained one of their particularly funny clients in this article: “One lady, who was in her 70s, thought it was hilarious to sneak into the rooms before myself and hide in the wardrobes,” he said. It’s safe to say you will meet all sorts of characters, negative and positive but your cleaning must always remain on top form no matter what.


When you work as a cleaner, you are gaining access to lots of different residencies and behind the scenes in public places, either accompanied or alone. This means you need to prove your trustworthiness amongst other people’s belongings. If you are regularly offered jobs this proves your reputability and you can ask for good references at the end of a contract, meaning you will look reliable and trustworthy to future employers.