For Business Growth Do it Right, Do it Once

As soon as your business starts to take off, things can get messy. Once you start to bring in other people there can be an explosion of paperwork that, unless you get it right, can put a serious break on your bottom line. Instead of dealing with clients and their needs – the things that generate your revenues and profits – you can all-too easily find yourself mired in admin, hampered by HR and seriously troubled by all the tax and national insurance demands that go with what you’re doing.

The Business Growth is to organize and delegate effectively and avoid watering down your own productivity
The Business Growth is to organize and delegate effectively and avoid watering down your own productivity

The step from a sole trader to an employer can seem like a giant leap into the abyss. But with the right planning, the right organisation and the right partners it is possible to make that shift without watering down your productivity. To make sure that your bussiness is flowing nicely, ensure that you have a good HR company, such as Cezanne HR software.

Do it right

The mantra of doing it once and doing it right has never been more apt than at the point when your business is heading for lift off. Mae West famously quipped that you only live once. But once is enough if you do it right, and that is not a bad way to think about your business decisions.

As soon as you bring in other people it makes sense to take the HR, accounting and technology aspects of the business seriously. Not many businesswomen are world class at all of those things as well as whatever it is that is at the core of their business. Getting those aspects of an organisation right, right from the word go, is a sure-fire way to maximise your own input to the business as well as that of everyone else involved. And maximum input equals maximum output.

Admin is the enemy

Admin is the enemy of creativity, efficiency and productivity. The sooner and more reliably you can find someone else to handle that burden, the more your business will benefit. Business support services come in all sorts of guises, whether it is BlackBerry’s business communications, Cezanne HR’s human resource software or the hands on advice of a good accountant, there is no substitute for clearing the way for your own hands on specialism.

For example, Cezanne HR provide cloud-based software that provides everyone in your organisation with access to a shared, cloud-based resource that can take the hassle out of HR, even as the business expands. The days of filing cabinets and paper forms are long gone.

Take off the shackles

Nobody sets out in business in order to manage other people just for the sake of it. Any and every means to reduce that burden must be taken as soon as you can sustain it. Anything else will produce either a business that struggles to carry its own weight, or a workload for you that is simply overbearing.

Of course business services come with a price tag, but anything that clears the way for you to concentrate on what you do best should be seen as a straightforward investment in growth. Remember, your business will struggle to maintain that growth if every step forward means you have to shift your focus away from the coalface. If you do it right, you’ll only have to make that move once.