The Truth Behind 5 Common Skincare Myths

Not everyone can be blessed with perfect skin. For some of us, keeping blemishes and blackheads away is an ongoing struggle with no end in sight. It’s easy to get discouraged when you have tried numerous treatments with minimal results. At some point, you might find yourself getting desperate to find that unique, unheard of skincare remedy. There’s no shame in trying to find that miracle cure after so many products have failed you, but trust us when we tell you that most of these remedies won’t actually work, and in many cases can make your skin even worse. From blemishes to wrinkles, here are some common skincare myths you should be aware of.

The Truth Behind 5 Common Skincare Myths

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural astringent and can make for a great facial treatment in a pinch. The acid in lemon juice kills bacteria and dries the skin, preventing new bacteria from wanting to move into your pores. However, there are some serious drawbacks when it comes to using lemon juice. You might experience dry or flaky skin, and the acid may cause a painful, stinging sensation on your affected areas. If you have darker skin, you should avoid lemon juice, as it can create bleach spots wherever applied.


Whatever you do, don’t forgo sunscreen because you fear it will clog pores. If the sun damages and dries out your skin, you are going to have much bigger problems than a few clogged pores. Look for sunscreen that’s labeled “oil-free” or “non-comedogenic”.

Popping Pimples

Have you ever popped a pimple only to have it come back with vengeance? That’s because popping a pimple usually makes your blemish worse. When you pop a pimple it often pushes the puss deeper into the skin only to resurface again, sometimes in the form of a new pimple close to the first one. If you use your fingernails, the bacteria on them can infect the surrounding pores and cause further outbreaks. If you absolutely can’t resist the urge, go to a beauty supply store and pick up a professional extractor. This is a much cleaner and safer way to get rid of white- and blackheads.


Does toothpaste get rid of pimples? Yes, but not the way you want it to. Toothpaste will dry out the skin and your blemish, but cause redness and irritation along the way. It’s easy to leave the toothpaste on for too long, resulting in dried out or even burnt skin. In almost every case, if the thing you are applying to your face isn’t a facial product, you shouldn’t be using it on sensitive skin. Save your toothpaste for those pearly whites.


facials aren’t always good for your skin
Facials aren’t always good for your skin

Believe it or not, facials aren’t always good for your skin. Many women experience a worse complexion after receiving a facial, not better. They may feel good or as though they are healing your skin, but be careful to ensure the type of facial you receive is intended for your skin type.

Wrinkle Cream

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging, and you shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed by them. For those who can’t stand the sight of new wrinkles, we have a bit of bad news:although wrinkles can be prevented, they are eventually unavoidable. Once they’re there, they can be difficult to remove without expensive procedures. But before you buy the costliest reverse wrinkle cream on the market in lieu of cosmetic work, read the labels first. Wrinkle creams are often not much more than moisturizers with a retinoid, and that $35 bottle is probably close in composition to its generic counterpart.

Don’t get discouraged or give up—the right skin care treatment is out there for you. But be cautious when jumping aboard the latest myth or promised cure-all. If a product wasn’t made for facial application, be especially suspicious, and keep your skin sensitivities in mind when trying your implementing your next care strategy.