Should You Get Cosmetic Surgery? The Pros and Cons.

Millions of people, both male and female, choose to undergo cosmetic surgery for countless different reasons. In particular, it would seem that a growing number of us are opting for help to slow the appearance of ageing. For some, the idea of growing old gracefully is appealing, but others simply cannot bear the thought and do everything in their power to maintain their healthy glowing skin for years to come. The popularity of Radio Frequency procedures has also increased as a result. This non-invasive treatment is a great alternative to cosmetic surgery, especially for those who are concerned about going under the knife. If you’re worried about getting cosmetic surgery, read on to find out the pros and cons.

Should You Get Cosmetic Surgery? The Pros and Cons.


Improved Self-Confidence

Plastic surgery is typically performed to improve one’s appearance, which is also recognised as being one of the primary benefits of undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure, whether it is Botox, soft-tissue fillers or laser hair removal. It’s a no-brainer – when you feel look good and are content with your appearance, you feel good about yourself as a whole. For most, if not all people, improvements to appearance naturally translate to improved self-confidence.

Better Mental Health

Your mental health also benefits from cosmetic surgery, since some people experience less social anxiety after their surgery due to new feelings of self-confidence. It’s most definitely not unusual to feel as though you have greater control over your life after surgery. No matter whether it involves the willingness to wear certain types of clothing or participate in activities you would never have imagined getting involved in before, cosmetic surgery undoubtedly improves self-confidence.

Enhanced Physical Health

Many people forget that some cosmetic surgery procedures have the ability to improve your physical health, as well as your appearance. While rhinoplasty and nose reshaping surgery can improve breathing at the same time as it improves the look of the nose, breast reduction surgery helps enhance the body contour, but can also relieve discomfort in both the neck and back.



Despite the benefits, cosmetic surgery should remain a decision that isn’t made lightly.  Just as for any other cosmetic procedure or operation for that matter, complications do exist. Pain is one of the more significant drawbacks to plastic surgery, and recovery times can be more than a couple of weeks. In some cases, the healing process can even take as long as six months.


Unfortunately, sometimes cosmetic surgery procedures don’t go to plan, or end up how you desire. Often, this is down to the expectation of the patient – not the experience of the surgeon. But, it is vital to ensure your surgeon is a reputable doctor, who is professionally qualified to perform the surgery you want. Be realistic. Cosmetic surgery won’t turn you into a movie star, nor will it make you look like your favourite celebrity. If you decide to go ahead and have cosmetic surgery, make sure you understand what the end result will look like.


While you are already probably aware of the cost of cosmetic surgery, you should keep in mind than many procedures and treatments are not covered by medical insurance. You may also need to take time off work to fully recover too, so you may experience a small financial loss if this is the case – unless there is a diagnosed medical condition relating to the surgery. In this case, there may be some type of insurance compensation available.

Whether you go ahead with cosmetic surgery or not is entirely your decision. But, cosmetic surgery should never be your first port-of-call for things that you can fix on your own, such as weight loss. It may be a long-winded process, but eventually it will be worth the effort, and would have saved you thousands of pounds in the meantime!