How To Dress Your Man Well

Learning how to dress your husband or boyfriend well can be a challenge for women. Not only are women’s fashion styles distinctly different than men’s styles, but getting your man to actually care about how he dresses can be tasking. And finally, if your boyfriend or husband needs a completely new wardrobe, it can also be a burden getting them to the mall to try on and buy clothes. We all know that shopping is an experience and finding the right outfit(s) takes time –time most men would rather spend on something else.

While teaching a guy how to dress sharp may be a hassle, there is certainly an easier and cheaper way to give him a makeover – his haircut.Like a woman’s hairstyle, a stylish men’s haircut can really make a big difference. Guys often take hairstyles for granted, but the right cut and style is the fastest way to transform a man’s sex appeal. The question is – what haircut should he get?

The Best Haircuts By Face Shape

It seems this question has been asked enough that there are plenty of great resources available. Most often found on men’s lifestyle sites, women can utilize these guides to learn the ins and outs of the various and latest male hair trends. After perusing online, the best blog I found was run by two hairstyle experts.

In fact, my favorite postswere an infographic describing the best hairstyles for men according to face shape – a concept most men overlook when discovering a new hairstyle – and another one describing the best beard styles for men. Because these two guides discuss both aspects of hair on the face, they seem to be the most useful.

For convenience, I’ve included the infographic below. Take a look and see which hairstyles are right for your guy, and then based on the haircut you both choose, you and your man can discuss whether to have facial hair or not!

How To Style Your Man - Haircuts By Face