Different Shapes of Diamonds

Diamonds are sold in various shapes and it is very important to know what these shapes are especially if it is your first time shopping for a diamond. If you get yourself familiarized with the different shapes of diamonds, you’ll be able to make a better diamond purchase. Each and every diamond shape has a different profile when it comes to its outlook and beauty. When you are buying an engagement ring with a diamond on it, you need to know which diamond shape suits best on the ring in order to impress your fiancĂ© with the best investment. There are as many as 10 diamond shapes which are mentioned below.

Different Shapes of Diamonds

  • Round diamonds
  • princess cut diamond
  • oval diamond
  • marquise diamond
  • pear shaped diamond
  • Cushion cut diamond
  • emerald cut diamond
  • Asscher cut diamond
  • radiant cut diamond
  • Heart shaped diamond

Although knowing about all of these shapes are very important, you need to be specific about one shape. We are going to talk about the oval diamond shape which has lately picked traction in popularity given its great outlook and brilliance.

Oval Diamonds

The oval diamond shape was created by Lazare Kaplan in early 1960s. The shape is widely considered as a modified shape of the more popular round diamond cut. It also even has the same brilliance profile of the round diamond, so if you are going to shop for a round diamond, this is an excellent alternative shape. The oval shape is often considered an option because it has a unique profile which makes it sometimes look different on jewelry. If you are tired of seeing the round diamond appear again and again on rings, this may be your number one choice.

Oval diamonds are also sometimes considered to have an edge over the round diamond shape because of its elongated shape in the finished cut. This allows the oval diamond to show off an illusion which makes it look bigger than other diamonds. So if you know someone who loves big diamonds on their rings or other forms of jewelry, the oval diamond is definitely a great purchase.

oval diamond ring

The oval diamond is ideal for wearing it on the fingers simply because of its large size. It not only appears larger on the finger, it is even slimmer and longer than many other shapes of diamonds.

Oval diamonds have a bow-tie which means that the diamond will give a near invisible visibility in the center which makes it ideal when it comes to brilliance of the diamond. When the oval is being shaped by an artisan, the proportions of the cut are kept very tight so the diamond retains its bow tie effect. With this effect lost, the oval diamond loses most of its outlook and beauty. Hence you should very carefully shop for the oval diamond with only trusted jewelers who know how different shapes are cut. After all you are making a huge investment and you don’t want it to go to waste.