Classic Beauty Trends Of All Time

Are you wondering what the top beauty trends are? It would be better to stick to classic trends that never go away instead of opting for current trends that will soon fade away.

Classic Beauty Trends Of All Time

Here are some beauty trends that are not going anywhere anytime soon:

French Manicure

Having long white nail tips is as fashionable as it was forty years ago. That makes it one of the longest-lasting nail trends in history. After Cher and Barbra Streisand introduced it to us, the rest became history.


Women have been showing off their cleavages for the longest time. Since the ancient days, breasts have been exposed in sheer garments, lifted by corsets, and accentuated using push up bras. With the rise of the red carpet, the cleavage issue has become even more scandalous.

If your current bra size does not allow you to show off your cleavage and if you would like larger breasts, you can opt for plastic surgery or use padded bras to make them look bigger.

Bronzed Skin

For a long time, women have been trying to make their skin look as translucent as possible. You have probably heard the stories of Queen Elizabeth smearing her skin with toxic lead paints to achieve a bronzed look. Tanning is always trendy and women have gone to great lengths to get tan skin.

Red Lips

In the history of cosmetics, red lipstick is probably the most prolific product. The color represents equal parts rebellion and glamour and has meant different things over the years: in the 1770s, it symbolized defiance and in the 1910s, it was a form of seduction. For a modern and classy look, you just need red lipstick and a touch of makeup.

Smoky Eyes

People are not exactly sure when this fashion trend was invented and who invented it. Nonetheless, the look has been around for a while and it is not going anywhere. Read this if you want to make your eyes look more awake after a bout of sleeplessness.

The Bob

Thanks to fashionable celebrities like Coco Chanel, the bob became popular in the 1920s. It represented the shedding of past rules of femininity and invited the embracing of androgyny.

Although the bob is not as shocking as it was when it came out, it still gives off an air of rebellion. It also gives women a sense of confidence just as it did back in the day.

Full Brows

Many models and actresses are inspiring women to put down their tweezers and embrace their full brows. This made most women want to grow out their eyebrows for a natural look. As a result, the search results for tweezers went down while those of growth serums increased.

False Lashes

False eyelashes have existed for a long time but they were popularized by Twiggy – a British model – in the 1960s. Most women followed this trend and beauty product companies started selling up to 20 million pairs of false eyelashes per year.

Black Nail Polish

Although red polish is also a classic, black nail polish was the first statement polish color. When the punk scene emerged, people started applying black polish to imitate the moody stars. Today, black polish makes a bigger fashion than social statement, but it still looks as dramatic as ever.

No matter which fashion statement you want to bring back, make sure that it matches your overall style.