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Choosing the Best Fitting Swimsuit for Your Style

2 basic steps for looking great this Summer season. Choose a swimsuit with the best fit. Find the right style – one that flatters and enhances your looks. A suitable silhouette can actually disguise figure problems. Check out tips and infographic checklist for finding yourself a perfect swimsuit that fits beautifully, enhances your plus points and covers your not-so-flattering body parts.

Tips for Choosing the best fitting Swimsuit

Best Fitting Swimsuit Checklist

Click to Download and Share the Checklist for a Perfect Fitting Swimsuit

What fit is best fit? Start with the basics of ‘FIT’:

1) Bra

This must fit just under the bust, firm enough to support you.

2) Body

Your swimsuit should be long enough to stay put when you walk. It will ride up if it is not long enough. Stand, sit, bend and walk to ensure that the suit is comfortable.

3) Legs

Your swimsuit must fit comfortably right round each leg, cupping your bottom and not riding up.

4) Straps

These must not cut in or sag.

5) Back, Crotch and Underarm

If the suit cuts, bulges or rides up, try a different style or larger size. If it droops, try a smaller size.

Styles to suit your shape

Find the right style – one that flatters and enhances your looks. A suitable silhouette can actually disguise figure problems.

1) Long Body

Choose styles with waist bust seams, high legs and low necklines to reduce body length. Avoid verticals.

2) Tummies

Fool the eye with fabric or styling that pulls the eye away from the tummy. Look for styles that have front power net lining.

3) No Waist

Look for styles that create an illusion of a waist. Try mitred vees, crossovers or central panels. Avoid plains or bikinis.

4) Small Bust

Emphasizing contours will visually enhance the bust-line. Bold prints or colours will flatter. Avoid straight across bandeaux.

5) Large Hips

Draw attention away from the hips to the top half of your body. Choose styles with bust details, vertical stripes or dark colours.

6) Short Body

Vertical stripes or prints will make the body look longer. Lower necklines and plunging necklines will elongate the body.

7) Large Bust

Pay attention to support, comfort coverage and details that will deflect the eye from the bust-line. Try underwires, cups, sweethearts and crossovers.

8) Large Sizes
Strong bold prints will break up the body line. Vertical and mitered stripes, crossovers and skirts will help conceal. Use wide straps for support.

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