Bridesmaids Movie Fashion – Kristen Wiig’s Wardrobe and more

Bridesmaids has not only become famous for the hilarious, comedy that it is, but also for the lovely eye-candy provided by the wardrobes of the central characters – Kristen Wiig and Rose Byrne. Here’s a breakdown.

Kristen Wiig’s Wardrobe

Kristen Wiig played Annie in the movie, a broke and troubled girl whose best friend is getting married and who is contstantly being ‘upped’ by one of the other bridesmaids – the wealthy perfectionist, Rose Byrne.

Wiig’s wardrobe portrays her character very well – a little too short dresses, neat blazers, a single BFF necklace throughout the movie, cute and modest little studs in her ears, red red nailpolish and slightly disheveled short, blonde hairstyle. She wore quite a few dresses from ‘Urban Outfitters’, fitted jackets and several pairs of enamel earrings. Here are some of the best pieces she wore:

Kristen Wiig's engagement party dress and blazer in Bridesmaids movie

A.P.C. Cutout Apple Gold Necklace Des Kohan Rings

Kristen Wiig's red printed short dress in Bridesmaids

Dress from

Urban Outfitters

Red wrap dress worn by Kristen Wiig at the Bridal shower in Bridesmaids

Short dress worn b Kristen Wiig at the dress fitting in Bridesmaids

Theory Red Jaclyn Dress (available in Gray online)

Cope Linen Sundress by Urban Outfitters

Kristen Wiig's yellow Tennis dress in Bridesmaids

Yellow Polo Dress: Lacoste

Kristen Wiig's black and white striped top in the Flight scene from Bridesmaids

Black and White Striped Top Urban Outfitters by Sparkle & Fade

Kristen Wiig's light pink bridesmaid dress in Bridesmaids

Alice and Olivia Addy Tank Dress

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