Autumn/Fall 2006 Hairstyle Trends

Holidays, parties and the last few months of winter can all be perked up with the trendiest hairstyles for this Winter season. Celebrities have set the trends and we have the best ones lined up here for you:

Ponytails – Ponytails are the latest trend! Keira Knightley transformed a ponytail into the fashion statement of the season by sporting it with bangs covering the sides of her face. Try different types of ponytails for a variety. From high and low to looped and stacked, all kinds are in. Part your hair or back comb depending upon your face. Loose bangs on the face always look good or just go with a few strands of hair falling on one side of the face.Long Hair — Long hair is another hot trend for this winter. Layers or no layers, curls or waves, almost everything seems to fit in with long locks. Use gel to make hair manageable and for sultry waves, use the largest rollers you can get. No perms please!Chignons — They never really went out of fashion, you know. Try the looped version. Apply gel and tie hair into a ponytail. Divide ponytail into two parts. Take the upper part and roll it within itself and pin it at the start. Now roll the lower part and pin it under the first part. Now go all flirty in the old-fashioned chic style.Braided Updos — For formal occasions and weddings, braided updos are here to stay. Use some little braiding right from the front before going on to the larger braid behind. Tie the braid in a bun or in a criss-cross fashion either on top or the back of your head.The ‘Beehive’ look — The 60’s look is back. The ramps were ablaze with models sporting it and it really does have a lot of class in it, you know. The look featured in almost every fashion show and the biggest names in the fashion industry chose to dress their models with it.Short and Sweet — The classy short cuts are a hit. Make them business style or fun loving, sporty or casual, they will gel everywhere. Use layers, curls and waves for casual styles and go for blunts or razored cuts for more business looks.

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