Advanced Guide to Dip Powder Nails

Over the past years, women have had a problem of maintaining a good manicure for more than two weeks. It is quite annoying and expensive for you to keep on having a new manicure done almost after a few weeks. But the good news is there is a new invention of a nail product that helps one to maintain a manicure for nearly a month without experiencing any chipping or cracking of the nails. The dip powder nails process is straightforward as long you have the right items which enable you to do it on your own at home easily.

What makes the dip powder nails to be the best over acrylic and gel polish?

Advanced Guide to Dip Powder Nails

Long Lasting

This is the best and long lasting nail product for those who want to save up on manicure expenditure. The dip powder nails are long lasting since they cannot get damaged by the UV rays a common problem with acrylic nails. Also, the nails do not get affected by dust at any point. Therefore they maintain an excellent natural look for a long time.

It does not Stick to the Skin

The color is usually in the powder form. Meaning even if you accidentally apply it on your skin, it cannot stick to the case with other nail polishes.

How does it work?

The process of applying the powder nails is quite easy, and straightforward hence there is no need of spending extra cash in going to have it done at a salon or spa. All that you need to have is the powder and clinging papers, and you will be good to go.The powder nails come in different colors for one to choose from depending on their taste. There is glitter powder, nude and also colored powder.

The process of applying the powder nails.

  • Get the powder nails of your choice and dip the nails one by one as you seal with the transparent paper.
  • Then leave them to stand for about 3 to four minutes before unwrapping them.

Note that it only takes about 5 minutes or less for the nails to dry up. It is that fast and easy to get the nails of your dreams at the comfort of your home. Also, you can easily access this product from various outlets and one of the most recommended companies to buy from is dip nails by Revel Nail. Visit the website to learn more about the powder nails and the process of dipping your nails for useful results.

Common asked questions about dip powder nails.

Question: How long does the product last on the nails?

Answer: The dip powder nails can last you up to four weeks, but it can either go beyond or less than four weeks depending on your daily duties.

Question: Are the nails safer?

Answer: Dip powder nails are manufactured using the same products as the gel and acrylic. So, if you are safe to use these two products, then you are safe to use dip powder nails as well. Hence we can’t say that it is safer as compared to the gel and acrylic but they last longer.

If you want to stop spending too much money on manicure in a month, consider trying this new and long-lasting nail trend on the market. The dip powder nails come in a variety of colors and textures such as matte for customers to choose from.