8 Clever Hacks You Can Apply to Make Your Footwear More Comfortable

Despite your best efforts, some footwear isn’t comfortable when you buy it. Purchasing shoes online add to mix and leads to buyer’s remorse when the shoes arrive and don’t fit properly. Fortunately, simple life hacks make any pair of shoes comfortable with minimal effort. Here are 8 clever hacks you can apply to make your footwear more comfortable.

8 Clever Hacks You Can Apply to Make Your Footwear More Comfortable

1. Ball of Foot Pain

Several hacks help you manage pain at the ball of your foot. First, taping your second and third toes stops pressure that causes nerve pain. Medical tape is highly recommended as it stays in place better.

Using metatarsal padding is helpful for managing ball of foot pain. However, instead of placing the padding in your shoes, you apply it to your metatarsal. It takes pressure off the ball of your feet and elevates your toes. You find the padding and other accessories at online stores such as Alegria Shoe Shop.

2. Molding Gladiators to Fit Your Feet

Leather gladiator sandals are stylish, but they don’t fit everyone perfectly. An easy fix is to put your sandals on and spray them with warm water. Make sure you soak the leather completely and let them dry on their own.

3. No More Blisters

All new shoes are likely to rub blisters on your heels until you break them in. A clever hack eliminates this uncomfortable occurrence quickly. Apply a clear antiperspirant gel to the entire heel of your shoe. It works with all shoe types.

4. Your Shoes are Too Tight

Two easy hacks stretch your shoes and won’t cause you any discomfort while doing them. Option #1 is to fill a resealable freezer bag one-third of the way full with water. Place the bag of water into another bag it just in case it leaks. Seal the bag, place it into your shoes, and put your shoes in the freezer overnight.

Option #2 is to ball up socks and push them into your shoes until each shoe is full of socks. Leave the socks in your shoes overnight.

5. Lessen the Hindrances of Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are a more comfortable alternative to high heels and are often a lifesaver when your heels start hurting your feet. However, brand-new ballet flats aren’t as comfortable. Add an arch supporting insole into the shoes and use a blister buster on your heel until you break them in.

6. Stretching Boot Shafts

Expensive designer boot shafts are often too tight when you receive them.To stretch the boot shafts, spray an entire newspaper with leather stretch spray or spray it with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water liberally. Place the rolled up newspaper in the top of your zipped up boots and let it stay there overnight.

7. Prevent Shoes from Slipping Off

Strapless shoes are notorious for slipping off randomly. To stop this fashion faux pas, cut a non-silky material, such as felt to fit within your shoe. Apply double-sided tape to the bottom of the material to hold it in place inside your shoe.

8. Fix Torn Heel Linings

Trim strips of denim to fit over the torn heel linings. Apply glue to secure the denim strips on securely. If you prefer, sewing the denim strips onto the heel lining provides a more secure hold.

Comfy shoes are a must! Regardless of the shoe style, it is possible to correct conditions that make your feet hurt. Even the tallest high heels become your new favorites with the right adjustment. Following clever life, hacks make all your shoes comfortable and let you get the most out of them.